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Well here they are…..the official “before” photos of our “new” 1987 Scamp Fiberglass Travel Trailer (here’s the Scamp website for new trailers) which we have named “Scamptastic” (you can find more pics on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by searching the hashtag #scamptastic ).  Last year we rented a super fun teardrop trailer from Little Guy San Diego for our 9th anniversary (see the following image):

That trailer was super fun, super easy to tow, and of course……super small!  We had no problem spending 10 days in that Little Guy but we did come to the conclusion that we wouldn’t mind a little more elbow room…to stand while we change our clothes and stuff like that.  We also wouldn’t complain if we could stay inside to make our food and not have to crawl outside if we wanted a snack from the galley kitchen.  The only thing is that we have no interest in a “real” RV, and we don’t have a truck that can pull a big ol’ trailer or fifth wheel.  We’re rockin’ a Subaru Outback, yo!  The solution?  SCAMP!  Now, how do we get one?  Well it just so happens that our cousin’s parents were going to sell theirs, and after looking up tons of info and pics of other Scamp trailers we had to talk to them about it.  While their Scamp certainly needed some love and attention, it was in pretty decent shape overall.  Any issues or problems that we could see right off the bat (or that may surface after getting it home) would surely be things we would be able to tackle given our passion for DIY.  After kickin’ the tires a bit and saying goodbye to a few hard-earned dollars, we hitched her up to the Subaru and plugged her in to the harness and away we…..DOH!!  Taillights don’t work properly.  Jiggle here, jiggle there.  Still nothing.  Ugh.  A quick run to the store to pick up those magnetic emergency taillights got us up and running and we were off……..



Here are the “before” photos….”before” cleaning….”before” washing….”before” anything!


Both windows need to be replaced but the rear window was the worst.  The windows are supposed to be plexiglass but by the looks of the cracks on the rear window (scroll down for more) I’m pretty certain it’s actually regular glass, and the weight of the glass probably has something to do with how the rubber seal had separated and was sagging.  The tape job looks nice though  :)


Here’s the front window (plexiglass) and you can see the two cracks that have started.  In a future post we’ll show you a photo of how these cracks got much bigger while driving up the freeway!


This is the rear window again.  See the cracks?  Totally glass, right?


Don’t you just love the realistic look of the wood grain pattern throughout?  Ooooooh, fancy!  Opposite.  We’ll be taking care of that in due time  :)



So there she is!  #scamptastic is alive and well and growing stronger everyday.  By the time you read this post we’ll have already done a few necessary updates in preparation for a small maiden voyage to Sonoma County, and of course we’ll officially blog that stuff for you to see.  We have a lot of ideas for Scamptastic but we have to pace ourselves so we don’t get too distracted from our house projects.  Stay tuned for more updates here on The 91204 Blog and also all over social media:


See you soon!  And if you see us on the road be sure to snap a pic and post it and tag #scamptastic !  :)


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